Monday, July 9, 2012

Freddie is on fire!

Camping season is here! Freddie is looking forward to spending time outdoors.  But first, he wants to make sure that he knows all the safety precautions he must take while making a campfire.  The best people to ask are Cornwall’s Finest, the team of firefighters at Headquarters Station on Fourth Street West. 
At the fire station, they asked him if he wanted to try out one of the trucks.
Freddie, who was quite excited, said “Yes, please!”
He looks quite spiffy, doesn’t he?

Firefighter Jeff McIntyre was on hand to show him the ropes.  He even allowed him to climb on the truck.  That was nice of him.

Don’t get any ideas Freddie!  You are NOT allowed to drive the truck out of the station. 

What a day.  Thank you Cornwall firefighters! 

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